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Chamber Music Course
English Camerata Soloists

International Chamber Music Summer Course

 4th - 9th August 2024

The Chamber Music Course for piano, strings and winds

Enquiries 01923 853309 & 07711 037907

Detailed course arrangements

The Chamber Music Course that is both educative and social


Here is a dynamic opportunity

• for sensitive tuition enabling folk to build on individual skill; 


• to explore new repertoire as well as re-visiting known pieces;


• for space to develop individual understanding and practical ability; 


• to extend  playing range and the techniques of playing with others;


• for forging new musical and social relationships which commonly persist beyond the Course, the result of the pleasure and good social 'feel' from sharing musical experiences with like-minded folk.


Always so many notes for piano


• To enable adult enthusiasts, minimum age 18, from all walks of life, who are passionate about music, to come together to create chamber music in a non-judgemental, supportive environment bringing satisfaction and fulfilment.


Doing this can cause you to make friends

Special features

How will I spend my time?

Pre-formed groups and Individual players: matching partners

The Course welcomes enthusiasts of all ages. For those coming as a pre-formed ensemble, Course Director Elizabeth Altman arranges a programme of coaching tailor-made to fit their repertoire. Experienced players who are 'freelancing', that is, instrumentalists coming as individuals and seeking an ensemble, are matched for partners with great care by Elizabeth, having pieces in common they would like to play and who are likely to get on reasonably well as personalities. The resulting ensemble enjoys the same individualised programme of coaching, one which reflects the combined wishes of its members.


The voice of experience

A feature of the course is the participation of a number of student and young professional musicians come for the love of it and can help extend the range of the ensembles.

Repertoire planning

Each person’s Course is arranged individually for them.

Repertoire is mostly discussed and agreed in advance and is the choice of players. Pre-formed groups naturally prepare their programme away from the Course, sometimes seeking from it an ‘extra’ instrument for particular pieces. This delicate, exclusive insight is carried forward by the Course director into the Course itself. For Course - formed groups, Elizabeth liaises between players comfortable for each in respect of standard and approach, until a consensus is established.


Facilities of the site

Modern facilities on an appealing site adjoining attractive countryside providing a calm, spacious setting for participants to enjoy the world of chamber music with marvellous coaches.


Accommodation is in single rooms or doubles if requested. Non-residential arrangements as desired.

The Purcell School is easy of access: see how to find us.

The Chamber Music Course is inclusive and non-judgmental; neither coaches nor participants are there to make qualitative assessments. On the contrary, each brings out the best in each other: the coaches from the coached, the players from the coaches.


How will I spend my time?


The Day

The day is divided into 2 parts; scheduled and unscheduled.



Apart from arrival day the scheduled part runs from 9.15 - 6.15 approx with breaks for nourishment. Typically coaching, for about half the day, alternates with periods of private practise.


​All the different rehearsal facilities are available,for those who wish, from early morning enabling individual and ensemble practice to prepare for the first coaching of the day or indeed simply for the pleasure of it.


Each day, after coaching has ended and before dinner, all gather for a glass of wine or fruit juice and a sociable chat. The intensity of the musical activity gives way to a party atmosphere and an attractive 'feel- good' factor that carries through into dinner and beyond.

After dinner, players and coaches get together informally.


For participants who want to 'air' their work, the Course is a natural platform. Both ensembles and those who bring solo repertoire including concertos are given every encouragement with informal performances that are woven into the framework of the day.

The Week

Day 1 (4th August) is an optional extra settling in day at a discounted fee followed by the course proper from 5th - 9th August. 


Five days of coaching with specialists on hand for piano, harpsichord and early keyboard instruments, violin, cello, viola, double bass, bassoon, clarinet, oboe, cor anglais, flute, trumpet, French horn, trombone, bass clarinet and recorder.


The coaches are available for the greater part of the day so you can study pieces in depth with specialists for the different instruments in your ensemble. The presence of players from each instrumental ‘discipline’ means of course that a huge repertoire is available. The course ends with lunch on Friday



For more information or to discuss repertoire possibilities speak to Elizabeth on
01923 853309 or 07711 037907.



Summer School of Chamber Music - Contact Us

Longridge, Common Lane, Letchmore Heath. Watford, Herts WD25 8EE
​Tel: +44 (0) 1923 853309

Summer School of Chamber Music - How To Find Us

Venue Address:

The Purcell School, Aldenham Road, Bushey, Herts W

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